B13 Yarns & Amaranth Angora

As production manager at The Border Mill, I processed angora fibre for some of our clients and immediately fell in love. I started my own bunny-filled adventure in 2017 after buying three angora rabbits of my own and things quickly expanded from there!

Now I own 20 angora and breed under the BRC stud name Amaranth Angora, with many more bunnies to come.

Ethically Farmed Fibre

One of the biggest concerns of angora buying customers is the source of angora fibre, and the treatment of the rabbits themselves. There are plenty of horrifying tales of rabbits screaming as their fur is pulled out at the roots.

Happily, as a rabbit-lover and angora enthusiast, I can guarantee my angora is sourced from absolutely spoiled pet angora, who are carefully given bunny haircuts with scissors every three months or so. No screaming here!